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Motec M1 Build to use MAF for efficiency

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Just wondering if there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking a commission to modify the M1 firmware to allow MAF to be used for engine efficiency.

As Andre alluded to in the MAF Sensor Sizing Webinar, Motec M1s can display and log MAF but it is not an option for the efficiency table.

For my application the available atmospheric pressure compensation in an M1 is difficult if not impossible to utiise and I would be VERY interested in moving to a MAF based table for normal operation.

Rupert Clarke

Rupert -- that is something I could help with. Do you intend to purchase a development license for your ECU? (no further cost for an unlimited number firmware revisions) Or do you want to have a version of one of the GP packages built, suited to your aeronautical use (this will be lower cost, but there is a delay and small charge everytime me make a change to the firmware)?

I suggest you contact me directly via my email: [email protected]

Thanks David, I will be in touch because I do not really understand how Motec Build works.

Just thinking out loud, I wonder what would happen if I told the ECU that the MAF sensor was the inlet MAP sensor and provided the appropriate values in a manual "translation" table. As you can see from the attached log file image, the values track each other although the MAF output seems to have a bit more resolution. I guess one problem would be the ECU applying air temperature compensations to the MAF when this is already taken care of.

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I think the channel "Inlet Mass Flow" is the calculated value -- If you have connected your MAF sensor, it should be configured with the Airbox Mass Flow Sensor Resource, so the resultant channel would be "Airbox Mass Flow". If you compared this to "Inlet Mass Flow", I think you could figure out how much to change the Engine Efficiency table.

Thanks David.

You are right of course, the MAF sensor is configured as an airbox resource. The sensor is a Denso 22680AA380 which is common to many 2010 onwards Subaru including WRX and STi but I think that it may output a voltage rather than a frequency. Could be wrong but that is how it appears in my package.

I will respond to your off forum emails.