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Hi there

I will be installing a motec m8 to a formula 3. I cantora se em to fjnd much info on this unit só what do you guys think?

I will sendo it to motec to get or checked out...I havê no idea of the unlocked features it há can I check?

What do you think of this ECU? Does it use the same tuning software as the M800 series ecu?



The M8 is an older Motec product in the same vein as the M4 and M48. They are a capable ECU in their own right and very reliable. In their day they were ahead of the competition, however compared to Motec's newer products (hundred series or M1), they are showing their age. The software is DOS based (not the same as used for the M800) and probably my biggest frustration is that you can't make block changes to the fuel or ignition tables.

When you connect to the M8 using the ECU manager software it will show you what features have been enabled (if any).

Thanks once again Andre.

I've been playing with the old M8 software and looks ok.

The car has a 3S-GE Engine runing a 24-1 sensor from toyota (I believe similar to 3S GTE, 2JGE and 7MGTE).

It has a 24 teeth wheel with a VR pickup and a 1 tooth wheel with 2 different VR pickups. It has a 4 wire plug. Have you used this before? Do you have any opinions on it? Should be good to run sequential if needed.

Should I use both cam signals wired to the same Sync input on the ECU? From my research I should only use one of them.

Should I expect any issues with this sensor on the M8 ECU? Is the VR nature of it a disadvantage?



The 24 tooth ref, 1 tooth sync is a favourite for Toyota in their mid 80's/early 90's engines. It's perfectly acceptable for what you are doing, providing good resolution and the ability to run sequential injection/direct spark ignition.

You only need to use one of the sync pulses. Either will do but the one you choose will effect your CRIP setting in the M8.

I've attached the relevant Motec data sheet for this trigger system.

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