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Could someone clarify please ... when tuning a Multi Throttle Body engine in "Modelled Fuel" mode the Open Loop AFR/Lambda Table doesn't seem to be available. The closest I can find is the "Lambda Target Overlay table" which I am assuming is not the same.

SO, if the Open loop AFR/Lambda Table is not available tuning with the 4D Fuel Table turned on is the way to go ? or do I have to use the "Traditional" fuel equation ?

I am using a Link G4+

Thanks and advance.

Sorry for the slow reply Nigel, I totally missed this post. In the modelled fuel mode there is no open loop AFR table, but there is however an 'AFR/Lambda Target Table' which works in the same way. The reason for what seems like a subtle change is because unlike a millisecond based fuel table, the AFR Target Table is essential to the operation of the VE fuel model.