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Need Help with Porsche Crank and Cam sensor pinouts

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i don’t have the old wire harness.

i don’t have access to a similar car.

i have read everything I can find on the web, no luck.

Question: how do I wire a three wire cam (hall) sensor for an AEM Infinity? The car is a 16v 968, similar to Porsche 928 wiring.

Question2: how do I wire the there wire crank sensors (non-hall) for an AEM infinity?


Factory diagram

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The Engine Speed Sensor (crank sensor) shown is a variable reluctance type (VR in the Infinity Manual), Connect Pins 1 & 2 to the Infinity Crank VR inputs (C1-45/C1-46 on Infinity 5 series), Pin 3 is a shield and would normally be connected to ground near the ECU.

The Hall Sensor (Cam Position Sensor), would have Pin 1 connected to a 5V Supply (C1-41 or C1-42), Pin 2 (signal) to the Cam Position Sensor 1 Hall (C1-22), and Pin 3 to one of the Analog Sensor Grounds (C1-20).

Many many thanks!