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Thoughts on mounting the oil cooler infront of the intercooler? With my intercooler being mid mounted and me still using the viscous fan (works well on the sr) there’s no where else for it to go but having concerns with it increasing the IAT.

I did think of running water/meth injection anyway but this should help offset the increase in temps?


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There are usually two main concerns - restricting the airflow through the cooler and each cooler adding heat to the following coolers, reducing their efficiency further.

I can't see that oil cooler having much affect on the charge cooler, but that charge cooler could certainly be compromising the coolant radiator - have you had overheating issues?

Never had any overheating issues. Running the stock viscous fan with a bigger radiator. Always been fine.

Cool ;-)

Read your build thread, BTW - like your 'do it yourself' attitude, a lot of the time people keep paying for simple work to be done when they could save money long term, and learn a lot about doing things the way they want/need, by making a single outlay for the equipment.

Have had few people suggest that it’ll affect the IAT a lot if I leave the oil cooler infront. But rules state it needs to be within the frame rails and no where else for it to go.

much appreciate the comment. I was quoted 7-9k to complete my engine and all the work I’m going to the car. I’d rather do it myself and save the money! Last year when I was competing in driftcup it did make a difference knowing everything about the car. Knowing all the nut and bolt sizes for suspension etc make any issues really quick to solve.