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plex knock monitor on 350z

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Good day.. i recently bought a plex monitor for my 04 350z..the oem knock sensor is buried underneath the intake plenum and manifold.. may i ask is that the location HP Academy installed your plex sensor on ur 350Z?

im hoping to install it in another location.. dun wish to remove the plenum and manifold just to install the sensor;) hopefully HP Academy had found a alternative location that works..

There are a couple of locations that work well. There is an M8 threaded hole low on the front cover near the sump rail and there are a couple of M10 threaded holes on the side of the block that you can use with an adaptor stud or by drilling the centre of the knock sensor out to 10 mm.

Thanks Andre for the reply... ;)

Anyway.. thanks for the awesome courseware... it taught me how to fine tune my AFR to almost perfection.. +/-.05 right now.. Moving on to Ignition table soon.. Great decision to had signed up for this course...!!

Glad to hear the courses have been valuable to you. Keep up the good work!