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Portable wideband for data logging?

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I'm working with two tuners for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform. They been able to get flashing done via the OBD2 port using PCMFlash. The biggest challenge I have is when customers come to me to get flashed, I am not able to log their AFRs and the ECU doesn't offer anything other than commanded lambda. Most of these guys don't have a wideband installed and the ones who do don't have units with analog output. So obviously this limits the tuning process unless we get on a dyno.

Are there any -portable- wideband solutions that I can use to capture the AFRs? I was considering purchasing an AEM unit and modifying it for this purpose, but was hoping for something that already existed. I'm using a tactrix cable with EvoScan, but I'm willing to change to Rom Raider or something else if necessary.

This isn't an issue I've really had to put much thought into due to the cars we predominantly deal with. I'm wondering if you could use something like the Innovate LM2 with their OBD2 adaptor and then analyse the results in logworks?

I would test an HPTuners MPVI2 with the pro feature set. Although it can't be used to tune that vehicle at this point the VCM Scanner should be able to pick up all generic OBD2 Pids with a direct input for a wideband analog input.

You should be able to create histograms that replicate the fuel/ignition tables.