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Hi, new to tuning and I am trying to decipher my data log after replacing my 4.8 with a 6L LQ(. the engine is a stock bore, with a 230 duration 558 lift cam W/LS3 springs. The engine has a cold air intake and full length headers currently into a 2 to 1 y pipe to the stock muffler. I have been trying different fuel and VE maps trying to get out of the lean condition I was getting. This current map is doing OK, but I still feel like I should have more bottom end pull.

Any advise is appreciated!

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Hi Tim, sorry for the slow reply. I've just had a quick look at your log file and it appears you have no wideband AFR data or knock retard logged? It's hard to tell you much without these PIDs in the log file. What I can see however is that your closed loop fuel trims are suggesting that you are significantly too lean.

A quick look at your calibration also suggests some pretty significant issues. You have your PE tables set up so that the PCM will only access them above 90% throttle which is very high. You're also targeting around 11.9:1 AFR at high rpm which is excessively rich. As far as the spark goes both the high octane and low octane are the same which prevents the knock control strategy from operating as intended and accounting for poor octane fuel.

How has the engine been tuned so far? What inputs have you been relying on? Have you gone through our HP Tuners worked examples?