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Hi im running a link fury standalone and im currently using an android tablet as a dash using the realdash app. It works well however i cant charge and stream in the data at the same time using the tuning cable connected to the link ecu.

Could i wire up an obd2 cable to my link ecu CAN connection and 12v power and ground, plug in an ELM327 obd2 to bluetooth adapter and connect my tablet dash to it in order send the data to realdash? Thus freeing up the usb port to be wired to constant power. The tablet can be be autorun into the app from startup to make it neater. It is difficult to find a small tablet with 2 usb port

Hi Joseph, the answer sadly is that I'm not sure. Without getting too bogged down in details though, can you just use a simple USB hub to allow charging and data input to the tablet?