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Selecting the correct ECU and wiring of Subaru dual AVCS

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Hi Everyone,

I am quite new when it comes to wiring and tuning and hoping that someone has some answers for me on a build I am doing.

I am busy with a build in my home garage. Subaru EJ20X (2.0L EJ with Dual AVCS) motor in a VW Bug.

The time has come where I need to wire it up but I haven't found the correct answers regarding the dual AVCS & ECU.

I would like to go with Haltech but I am not sure which one to choose.

Haltech advised me to go with the Elite 2500 ECU as it is able to handle the 4 variable cams.

This particular model, I find, is a bit of an overkill for what I am doing. And quite expensive (where I am from the exchange rate is killing us)

My question to you is: Is it possible to run an Elite 1500 Ecu which supports 2 variable cams..both inlet cams on one output (parallel) and both exhaust cams on one output (parallel) with only one inlet cam position sensor and one exhaust cam position sensor as both cam pairs should essentially be doing the same thing at the same time.

Not sure how stupid this question is. I am hoping that one of the tutors could give me an answer as I don't have any local support where I am from.


I would take Haltech's advice. They know what is required, you asked, and they told you.

The cam control only works with the solenoid duty cycle based on the position of the cam it's controlling -- trying to split the solenoid signal will likely cause one cam to be significantly away from the target position (potentially as far as fullly retarted or advanced -- there would be no feedback to know that was happening!) The tuning to try to work around this would be a nightmare.

Get the right tools, wait and save up the money to do it, or shop for a used ECU.