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start timing for tuning fuel

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hello every one from watching the standalone tuning course am i right in saying i should set my timing table to say 10 degrees for example across the whole table for tuning the VE table ?? and then once i am happy with the fuelling then move on to the ignition table ???

it's usually best to start with a standard OEM timing table, running too retarded may not allow enough time for full combustion and you would read leaner than than the actual Air/Fuel Ratio.

If you don't have that, you could use a simple curve, with 10-15 degrees at 1000 RPM, and ramp to 20 degrees at 3000 RPM, then just a slight bump (say to 21/22 degrees at your engine max RPM). I'm sure there are better examples out there and you should be able to find something similar to your engine.

You do want to dial in your fuel table before moving onto optimizing the ignition timing.

yes i am wanting to dial in my fuel before moving on to the ignition timing this is what iv got from a friend but he has never used it as he went a different rout with his car ..ecu is emu classic on a turbo vr6 2.9

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as you can imagine im new tuning but want to learn and hopefully get it right the 1st time round

I think that looks like a totally reasonable starting point.

ok thanks that is a big relief also any input on setting up knock engine noise scale would be helpful .

My emu classic is like one down from the ecu master emu black but it is well suited for my car and setup and thanks will watch them now..