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Hello Andre i have both a PAR dog box for my Honda civic k20 turbo and is been using AEMv2 plug in ecu ,i want to use the strain gauge option as shift cut for clutch less shifting .i have seen this option in the Link ecu ,but have never use that option jet to know about the settings ,because i have aemv2 ecu i know there in USA there are some guys using that function on the aem ecu but there is lack of information.and also on the aem forum .also i dont find a specific option like in the link software that relate to flat shifting with strain there any option you can think about with your experience i can get this to work one way of thee other .i know i have to buy a strain gauge shifter knop or also i have seen many different strain gauge sensor that have 0-5v range.

In order to use a strain gauge for gear cut control you will typically need a specific function for this in your ECU. I'm not particularly familiar with the AEM V2 but I don't believe this was an option?

Essentially the strain gauge outputs a 0-5 v signal via an amplifier, that's relative to the force being placed on the gear lever. Most installations output around 2.5 V in the relaxed position and the voltage increases as you pull back and drops as you push forward. This allows the upshift and down shift request to be distinguished in the ECU if you're using a sequential box - Obviously not relevant for H pattern.

The gear cut function is set by defining a voltage threshold above which you deem the driver is requesting a shift. At this point it's not much different to a digital switch and simply triggers the gear cut functionality in the ECU. If the AEM won't directly recognise an analogue strain gauge input, you could look at fitting an analogue to digital converter. I've done this in the past with an older Vipec ECU, and you can set a threshold above which the output goes from low to high (or vice versa). This allows the strain gauge to interface with a digital input which most older ECUs can then use for flat shift or gear cut.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but AEM V2 just hasn't been common over here.

Thanks for your reply Andre i know that Aem not so popular in NZ but over is the same my self is not familiarize with the software .its my Owen car so its worth to learn it the hard way.I might swap ecu to LINK ecu most of the function and options i have experience already ,Andre strain gauge with a LINK ecu your be able to help me out with the settings ???i have done the flat shift on a other customer car that with a clutch switch in put ,not strain gauge .