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target afr for boosted yxz1000r

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what is the AFR for YXZ1000R

the boost is 1 bar

race piston and connect

im runing 12.5 right now it ok or i should go richer

i cant no the power because the clutch will slip in dyno

Without knowing the specifics of that engine type, without egt data I would be aiming for low 11s myself.

I would be keeping it on the rich side in the 11's as well.

As I mentioned in my reply to your other thread, there is no single fixed AFR value that anybody on this forum can give you which we can guarantee is going to be perfect for you. You've also made no mention of the fuel you're running which is a major factor to consider. As others have mentioned, 12.5:1 is probably a touch lean and I'd recommend starting in the 11.5:1 vicinity. If your clutch is slipping on the dyno it is also going to slip when you're racing, so I'd suggest fixing that so you can dyno it properly.