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The rod Touch/Hit block.

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I'm rebuilding a engine,but the rod hit hit block this two red point is contact point. What to do in this situation?Cutting Rod or Cylinder/Block?

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I would certainly be relieving the block before I touched the rods.

Is the clearance problem at the side of the block, or where the cylinder enters the block? I can't tell from your pictures.

Have you stroked the engine by using a larger crankshaft that the block used originally, or did you change the rods from the original design?

It's quite common with stroked engines or those using larger alloy rods to relieve or notch the base of the cylinders to clear the rods. This can be done with a CNC mill or it can be done by hand with careful use of a die grinder and/or power file. Use plasticine or play doh on the area where you have bben clearancing to ensure that you have enough clearance during a dummy assembly.