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Tuning Intake Air Temperature / Coolant Temperature Bias Tables

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I did a search on the topic but it is hard to find good information on to how to go about tuning IAT/CLT Bias Tables.

Although i understand the concept of "blending in" Coolant Temperature into Intake Air Temperature as the flow through the intake manifold is low, but i have a hard time finding an approach that will suit the task.

How do the Pros go about it? Do you find it even necessary or can you get away with using IAT on its own?

From what i understand the symptom would be a slightly richer mixture at low flow rates through the intake, since the air will pass the IAT sensor but will be heaten up further as it enters the combustion chamber. The warmer air has a lower density so its slightly too much fuel for the calculated air mass.

Really appreciate any input!

Greetings from Germany


It's always been an organic process for the different projects street projects I've been involved with. What I can say is that 90% of the work I see and have fixed started focusing on compensation and bias tables far to early in the fuel mapping process.

I think one of these webinars covered this exact topic:



If not, perhaps someone else can point to the one that included that topic.