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Tuning Mazdaspeed6 with Versatuner

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Hello, I'm new to tuning and had some questions. I know there isn't a lot of info for this platform, but any help would be appreciated. Currently I have a 2006 Mazdaspeed6 on a stock tune. I know for a fact that is has been straight piped (both CATS removed). And I have been told it has HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) internals, but it is unconfirmed at this point. Anyways onto my point, last week I ran a data log just to see how my car is doing (I've attached it below) before I put the Versatuner software on my car and reflash their base tune and then another OST with a Highflow CAT. If anyone can look at the data log and let me know if anything looks wrong and also is there any way to know if my car has HPFP internal from the data logs?

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You're not logging fuel pressure low or high-pressure systems or your target/ actual lambda values so it's not possible to tell if it has any modifications to your fuel system unless you had a similar log from a bone stock car.

It looks like it's running actuator pressure after the initial torque spike of putting your foot down after shifts and injector duty is only in the ~20% area so not hard pushed at all.

Alright so I will take it apart and see if it does have the modification. Column D is Actual Equivalence/ Air to fuel ratio (λ), and I just added desired equivalence/ air to fuel ratio(λ). As far as logging low or high fuel pressure, as far as I can see on Versatuner I can log fuel rail pressure and desired fuel rail pressure. Is there specific sensor that does logging for the high and low fuel pressure?

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