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Hello. Does anyone have any experience with the Virtual Dyno application or similar tools? ( )

I came across this app while looking at the portable dynos that were mentioned here in an earlier post ( ). I think it can be a useful tool for the hobbyist like myself, testing on a real Dyno is expensive not just because of the cost of the dyno, but in taking time out from the day job to go do the dyno runs.

It reads in logged data and basically as long as you tell it what gear ratios are used, weight of vehicle etc, air temp and pressure and are using a flat road or track it should let you compare apples with apples. Obviously using a real dyno from time to time to check everything is ok.

It clearly wont be as accurate, and the developers do point this out, but I think so long as the same settigns are used, and testing is done at the same (safe) locations it can be helpful. In the attached picture I did a few runs testing cam phasing.

So, are there any other application like this, any advice on using this application or similar tools? Also the price is right, it's a free app :)

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