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wastgate problem

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Have aboost proplem

Engine k20a bulit

My setup is 6466 turbo with ar82 and tial 60mm wastegate the boost after 5500 rpm up from 10psi to 22-25 withe 0.2spring i try to use a different springs 0.5 0.7 same problem the boost jump

What can be the issues.??!


What size is the pipe going to the wastegate and from it?

also wastegate location and position proportional to flow

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60 to 63


G'day Saif.

I can't see the pictures mate, can you add them to your posts as files instead of embedding them?

From the one picture that is attached that I can see, you've got the wastegate coming off the collector at 90 degrees. Exhaust gas is quite lazy and doesn't like to take sharp corners, hence this sort of installation normally results in high rpm boost creep. You may also find that if your starting your tuning with very conservative timing, that this is creating more heat in the exhaust gas and helping to create more unwanted boost.

Thanksss alot for the help .

but I already blown my engine.

and now I rebuilt it

I wonder how much boost my stock sleeves k20 will hold ..?!?

Boost isn't actually a very useful parameter unfortunately. It's cylinder pressure that will cause a sleeve to fail and this is in part related to the mass airflow into the engine. What I'm trying to get at here is that the airflow is dependent to a degree on boost pressure, but 15 psi from a GT28 and 15 psi from a GT4202 are going to give you very different airflow and hence different cylinder pressure. While I wouldn't recommend it, I've seen dyno sheets from stock sleeve K20 engines making over 800 whp just to give you some reference.

Thanks alot

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