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Weird DFCO Issue (03 Dodge Ram)

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Hello everyone.

I have a 03 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 408. It has a Vortech V1 Ti trim supercharger.

I would like to disable DFCO but it's not being disabled after downloading tune. I still see the wideband showing full lean on decel from the injectors cutting off. I have raised the temp in "Enable ECT" and "Enable Air Temp" to 374 degrees but that didn't work as well.DFCO starts at 2000 RPM as the RPM is dropping with foot off the accelerator and the injectors come back on at 1400RPM. When it does I get a backfire out the pipes.

For some reason the DFCO does not happen all the time. Like in the mornings I drive to work and it will not do it but as soon as I mash the gas past half way it will start immediately. I?ve replaced the TPS twice, replaced the ECU, begged the tuner to help fix it in which he said SCT does not have the parameter to address it. The tuner and I basically tried everything besides using HPT. He said HPT will have the correct parameter. However disabling it does not work.

OK... after contacting HP support and giving them the tune and data log it all boils down to HPT telling me this: "Our senior engineer has reviewed this and confirmed the parameter is correct. This issue you are having is tuning related and we would suggest asking about it on the forum as we do not provide tuning advice."So.... I gather that it is a lean spot in the tune but why does it do sometimes and then not?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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