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HP or WHP??

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Hello all,

A friend of mines Evo 9 came back from the tuner with a dyno print out of 612HP.

Now this course has taught me that a rolling road dyno will give you a WHP figure but some have a flywheel horsepower correction figure for reference (which isnt 100% accurate). So would this be a figure at the flywheel or at the wheel? Or would it be best to just ask the tuner?

P.s loving these courses!

It would depend on how the dyno is set up. The tuner should know.

Yup, you need to ask the operator - also find out what correction factors for STP (to Standard Temperature and Pressure) were used - if any, what gear and what engine/road acc'n rate were used - they also makes a big difference. Those will allow you to make sure that there are less variables next time you try and compare a run.