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I’m working on adding launch control to my oem ecm, my engine fires 180/540(“Big Bang style”) and is a 2 cylinder. I’ve tried cylinder cut, timing retard etc. but I cannot get it to react how I would like. My idea launch rpm is 2600 max, since it’s a cvt type clutch setup.

cylinder cut: tried cutting one cylinder at a time, also tried cutting 1 out of 4 events. Once I reach the target max launch rpm I figured I’d cut all events to limit rpm, but it looses enough momentum to drop about 500rpm, if not more.

Timing: I added a table to progressively retard timing as TPS increased. This seemed pretty good to keep rpm limited but was having to use pretty extreme numbers, and as usual when I reached max rpm it dropped rpm like crazy.

I know it can be done, there’s multiple companies out there creating launch control on this style engine and this rpm, I just can’t figure it out.