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Hi guys

I notice the Launch Control focuses on a manual car and setting up with a clutch switch.

I also am aware that using launch control on an Auto car is usually primarily beneficial when coupled with a transbrake.

But, is there any benefit to using Launch control on a non-transbrake auto car; in particular ground speed launch control.

I know the launches will be dependent on the setup of the torque converter and the ability to hold the car up to the stall speed on the foot brake.

So my questions are; will there be a benefit of setting an RPM limit at near what the stall speed/launch speed off the foot brake is?

And the second question is using launch control ground speed so that wheel slip can be controlled; once moving.

I hope I haven't confused anyone with my questions; I guess the ultimate question is can I use the ViPec V88 traction control feature as a form of motorsport traction control?

Hi Brandon and apologies for the slow reply.

Launch control is still very useful on an automatic transmission - particularly in autos that have a high stall convertor as we may actually want to limit the launch rpm to prevent the rpm continuing to climb as the engine produces more torque and the convertor slips more. This of course isn't necessary on a stock auto with a tight convertor as you're going to be limited by the convertor as to how much rpm you can reach.

Beyond the actual launch rpm however, the ability to control engine rpm vs ground speed can help improve traction and limit wheel spin which will give you faster and more consistent starts. To specifically answer your second question - yes, we're using this system to control wheel slip as we get peak acceleration with around 8-10% wheel slip.