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I would like to connect a wheel speed sensor, for use as data, launch, or traction control. Looking at the options for VR sensors many companies are very proud of their sensors $$$.. and as I'm looking to have 2-4 sensors I thought it might be good to find a cheaper source.

If my ecu, or data system is looking for a VR speed sensor, can anyone tell me generic vr speed sensors commonly found on production cars that can be used? I've found these on amazon..

I don't see any reason to pay $100 per sensor, when GM/Honda/Ford/ect.. have cheaper sensors. Any advice, experience sharing is appreciated.



Provided your ECU or logger can take input from a VR sensor then I can't see any reason why the sensor you've linked to would not work. You also need to consider the maximum input frequency for the input on the ECU/logger. If you're using an ABS wheel speed pickup the tooth count will typically be very high and this can exceed the frequency range of the ECU/logger, effectively limiting the measurement range.