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Trigger issue?

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Hi,I have wired a g4 plus atom to a Nissan is running a Nissan 280zx intercooler turbo engine L28e 6 cylinder,using the distributor from the same vehicle which has CAS in distributor.I have replaced the disc with a 24/1 disc.I have configured triggers as...trigger mode multi tooth/trigger priority set to trig 1/rpm filtering 1 default. Trigger 1 optical/hall.filtering level 1.trigger pull up on.trigger edge falling.multi tooth pos =cam.tooth count 24.Trigger 2 optical/ hall.filtering level1.pull up on.edge falling.sync mode to cam pulse 1x but I am unable to set base timing as I have no spark.On cranking i do get trig 1 and trig 2 boxes going green.Do you have any suggestions what to check next.thanks