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I have been building cars since I was a kid and they have just gotten more expensive as I got older. I worked construction for 10 years before leaving that to install VoIP , T1's and other network fun until I got Laid off. I had a friend with a fab shop that asked me to help for a week or so to build a cage for a Jeep, I worked with him for 5 years until I went to New Orleans to buy a 1976 GMC Jimmy with a 5.3 swap from my now wife. We spent a few years down there and had a couple kids but moved to Denver where I grew up. I still build custom cars in my "extra" time and have a few LS projects so I bought an HP Tuner to fix the Jimmy drivability issues. I started with Jimmy figuring it to be the best to learn on, not my wife's 2012 CTS-V and was I wrong . After 5 years of watching every free tuning video I could find the Jimmy would not respond to changes and ended up in limp mode. Around black Friday I was given a link to a free live You Tube session I bought a package and started to learn. While I was watching I would use my 5.3 to test on and during the injector flow section I though lets look what GM did and found that I had flex fuel data on a non flex motor. After fixing the data it starts and runs better so I am on to the next problem. I also have an older ultra4 car with a 6.0LS running a 97-98 ECM and when I looked at that tune it also had bad data. The total flow was right but they had scaled it backwards so it showed more flow at WOT than idle and stock data everywhere else. I swapped a set of LS1 injectors in along with the correct data and it now runs and idles better. I have been so happy I got the tuning knowledge to fix issues like this without paying a tuner the courses have already been paid for by not having to take them to a tuner to fix. I have also bought the wiring courses and watched them I now have a knowledge base that gives me the confidence to tackle my own projects.

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