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Hello from New Jersey USA

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Hello everyone from my corner of the world here in New Jersey NJ. I'll start off my intro with a little bit about myself. My name is Dave, been lurking around here since July of 2014. I come from a mechanically inclined family where my father (before he passed away in 2012) was a ASE master mechanic for over 30 years. Over those years I was able to pickup the primary skills needed to maintain and upgrade my cars. I found myself working in the auto body industry and reached "the top of my game" in 4 short years. However I left the automotive industry to pursue a chemistry degree. Since then I have been involved with a few people in the import scene and wanted to learn more about fuel injection systems being most of my knowledge stems from carburetors up to the mid 1980's. I came across HP academy and decided to pickup where my father had left off with his teachings and pave a new road for myself. I am eager to learn and understand the newer technology and with the hands on electrical engineering / micro-controller experience at my current employment I want to keep taking the next steps and hopefully break into the tuners realm to make a name for myself.

I have two "project" cars at the moment I am currently working on. My daily driver is a 1989 Honda accord hatchback and my main "project" / show car is a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

My cutlass is my first car driven/owned in addition to my first project car that my father and I worked on since 2000. Since then I have won multiple best in show awards and making it into gbodyforum.com's march 2012 calender and won 2nd place for gbody of the year. Currently the power plant is boat anchor 307c.i. V-8 mated to a grand national 2004-r, the power being supplied to the ground is through a 8/5" gm rear end with 3.73 gears. I have a oldsmobile 350c.i engine to swap into this car after it is built up and I plan to ditch the carburetor in favor of a efi system and possibly running a low boost turbo (up to 1 bar of boost)

My daily driver however needs more work as it is OBD-0. I plan on converting it soon to OBD-1 in order to start playing around with the ecu. I want to test waters with my accord then proceed to turbocharging the car as I believe the 2.0L honda iron block can handle a moderate amount of boost.

Look forward to discussing more with you guys!

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Hey Dave,

Sounds like you've had an interesting background. I look forward to hearing more about your projects and let us know how we can help you out.

Hi Dave,

That's an interesting combination of projects, can't wait to see what you achieve with them

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