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Hi Guys,

we are a very small team just came out form nowere and entusiast for Toyota Builds.

we have 3 Scion TC Cars, and we are looking for help guidance on how to do thinks better, panama have a brand new Track and we are very exited about build our cars.

the categories we can run are:

ST2000 witch is 2000CC max engine where we are planiang to use a Toyota 2ZZGE engine on a Scion TC chasis

Here we have the engine and the car but we havent put it towguether

AEM EMS-4 ECU and aem sensors are the plan

GT2 where we have 2AZFE front engine Turbo Build


Pistons: Forged Pistons 10:1

Cams: Brian Crower Stage 2

Valve train: all Brian Crower and valve are .05 biggers

logguing: AEM AQ-1

Display: AEM CD7

Sensors: Wideband 1, IAT, MAP, Coolant Temp, OIL Temp. and regulars sensors from the car

We still have OEM ecu, to keep using ABS and DBW (looking forward for options to remove that)


2azfe stroked to 2.6 all brian crower, cams stage 2, electronics all AEM

we hare having issues on OIL starfation how we can build somethign to help on that issue?

Welcome to the HPA crew Jose! What are you looking to improve on?

Dry sump setup would be one of the best ways to go for your starvation issues I would imagine, but someone else might chime in with more input.

Is it just the drag car you're having the issue with?

The issue is on both the road, and drag

We need to build a dry sump solution i cant find anithing for 2azfe

Welcome to HPA Jose, have you been monitoring oil pressure to see when you're losing it?

Yes in the curves i lost presure or in intence brake, im basically thing to be the most armónicas posible on the drive, but to do better time need to be more agresive,

We have to build a solution, but we are in central America, very advance on anithing less car performance, we basically have to import everithing, even tires for our cars, we have the first track in the country the last year so we are very éxitos and comited to this.

I need help to design and implement a dry sump system for 2azfe


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