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Hello from Pennsylvania with some turbo bmw action!

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Well my name is Steve and I've been interested in learning about turning and I can't wait to get through all the courses and talking to you guys.

Here's my background.

Currently I'm 23 and have been working on and around cars most of my life but never as a career. Imy taking these courses to help me tune the car I built and possibly other cars in the future. I originally bought this old 1988 bmw e30 that was destroyed and rusted away as a beater car but ended up loving the car and decided to build it. I toke two years and learned how to do rust repair and body work then painted the car. After that I spent some time doing the suspension set up on the car then over the last winter I built the motor. Has all the machine work and bottom end assembled locally with full forged internals and a built head. Then came the fun part with the turbo. The car is a rare awd model so no turbo kits were available so I got to researching and built my own. I bought a used tig welder and spent some time practicing with it then started building the tw 6-2 manifold. It's not perfect but for my first attempt it turned out pretty good. After all the fabrication I bought a megasquirt pnp unit off a e30 forum. I started out having no clue what I was doing but luckily I had a good base tune to start with. I did a little bit of street tuning but went to the synopsis to have it done right. I was using a single coil ignition because that's my megasquirt could do, thus made me get spark blow out at only 12psi and around 330awhp. I've been having other difficulties with megasquirt also so I'm going with be getting a haltech elite 2500 this winter and I would like to be able to tune it more confidently on the street and the dyno. Hopefully I can learn to get the car smooth as possible and get it to perform the best it can and possibly with some e85 in the near future.

Some pictures

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A few of the car

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looks good! in for more

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum. That's some impressive work and a clean looking E30

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