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Hi All

John here from South Africa and drive a Mkiv Supra. Decided its time to learn what makes my baby tick as I am always left disappointed in something when our tuners are done with it, so have lots of learning to do.

My Supra runs on a Vipec V88 ECU and this makes it even more difficult to get it tuned properly as the guys don't know the system.

Its a low power Supra 600 whp at the moment which is plenty fun and I am not really interested in trying to keep up with the 1000hp supras as it is more for fun.

Looking forward to learning.



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Hi John,

Welcome to HPA, you'll find the Vi-PEC system very easy to work with, they were made by Link so on here you'll see lots of examples of the newer software

Thanks Christopher

I knew they where made by the same company but wasn't sure if the software worked the same way. I am hoping a lot of the Link G4 info will help.

Now all I need is either for work to allow the feeds or time off to get stuck in lol.

Thanks agin

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