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Hello all,

My name is Brandon, I just recently signed up for the courses. I first got into tuning when i purchased my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR(SST) in 2012 friend of mine got me started and i was able to self tune my car in a short amount of time to 400whp/403 ft lbs(E85). At the time i was still a moderately stock car. I had Aftermarket Clutches, a Kinagawa 20G Turbo, 1000cc injectors, 2 DW65C pumps, and upgraded rod bolts. Since then my ambitious have grown. I wanted more speed so i went down the Rabbit hole. Now i Have:

2.5 L (90 MM piston Bore,98MM Crank)

Sleeved Block

Oversized Exhasut Valves


FIC 2150

Dual Walbro 450

-8 Feed

5/16, stock Feed Line, as my return

Divided T-4 6266 Precision Turbo

Jacks Transmission 10 Plate Clutch Basket.

There hasn't been much luck using the forums for information as of lately for SST equip cars. Several people would tell me to take it to a Tuner like it was this Magical entity. So i deiced i wanted to get away from using the Stock ECU and i found out Syvecs was supporting the EVO X MR's now. Did what research i could and asked around and apparently it was working for some so i took the plunge and ordered it. So we shall see how this all works out.

Decided since i had a new ECU that i have never used before might be wise to increase my knowledge of Tuning in general and specifically towards Syvecs. I look forward from absorbing all the information that i possible can.

Good day


sounds like you will be having some fun on this