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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Love everything that has an engine and tinkering with it.

My main focus is my 2004 Impreza STi type UK which I imported to Australia when moving here from the UK in 2009. Last time I had it dyno'd it pulled 445bhp and 380lbft at the flywheel. I have an Alcatek ECU fitted with ALS, Launch, FFS and have taught myself how to tune it to my satisfaction through lots of EFi tuning books but need to understand more about tuning so I can get the most out of it.

Currently I have almost maxed my 650cc injectors(95%) out running 1.8bar through a MD321X turbo with 10.5AFR (OEM top mount so kept it rich), about to change for iD1300X injectors and a change to E85 with 2bar boost, hopefully get close to 500bhp(would be nice)

My other toy is my SeaDoo RX carbie, 951cc bored out to 1050cc with carbon reed valves, K&N filters, re-jetted, 15/20 prop and a 2* wedge. Lots of fun on that bad boy at the lake.


Im Brian I drive an 04 WRX factory 2.0L rebuilt with ACL bearings, VF48 Turbo, STI 6MT swap (using DCCDpro Controller, STI factory Top Mount Intercooler, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, injectors redone by iD ~1000CC, Grimmspeed EBCS, Grimmspeed uppipe (soon to be EWG w/ Tial 38mm), Invidia Bellmouth catless downpipe, MeghanRacing catback, SPT intake, Perrin turbo inlet. She made ~300WHP Via virtual dyno on 93 Octane and ~360WHP/~340WTQ on E85. Using a Cobb AP V3 for reflashing the factory ECU. I've always had a passion for imports since I was a kid, its what got me involved in the maintnence world in the first place,after learning the basics I really wanted to learn how to tune but never knew anybody that understood it themselves to teach me the basic In and Outs. Well after buying my WRX I quickly realized getting a new tune is EXPENSIVE, and me being from the maintnence world i typically liked to do all my own work myself being that I'm quite OCD with my car. I still remember the first time I went to a shop to speak with my new tuner and as he talked to me about the car he quickly lost me due to the lack of knowledge I had about engines, ECU's and how the system worked all together. That was the moment i realized I needed to learn how to tune myself and expand my knowledge of engines and their components. I just began my journey here with HP Academy however I already feel i have learned A TON of information!!!!

Hi Bhawker,

Here is my last Virtual Dyno graph. I love using that software, as you can quickly get a feel of anywhere you need to make changes.

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Hi Pete, Welcome to HPA.

How do you find the Alcatek? by all accounts they're a great ECU but I've always struggled to get in touch with the company for information

Hi Chris,

Andy Leech is hard to get a hold off unless you are a dealer I was talking to him quite regularly before he got bogged down with the new revised updates. The ECU itself is very simple to setup and use, its simple but capable. I actually find it easier than EcuTek!

I've been fiddling and messing with mine over a few years changing things here and there and have learned lots by being directly in touch with Andy Leech and Steve Simpson before the split to start the current SimTek and AlcaTek ECU's. Martin Jeffrey @ Engine Tuner is very helpful when it comes to all things AlcaTek but if you have any questions I've probably done just about everything there is with it! lol

I did eventually get a hold of Andy when I had a customer with an Alcatek, he was very helpful but the costs involved for getting a license dongle etc for just 1 tweak of a tune couldn't justify the investment.

Really, from memory it cost me 80gbp for the software and dongle. The thing about Alcatek is that part of the software is in the dongle so you cant load up the software without it.