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hi from australia

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hi been contemplating signing up for a while and finally bit the bullet and joined. im a mechanic in a small shop in sydney doing servicing and repairs on everything from old fords n holdens to new cars im ok at tuning carbs and getting older engines to run well but was interested in getting involved in efi tuning my efi tuning experience up til now has been using a fpr and boost controller to setup a base on a mates jzz30 soarer with a big single on the factory computer

i currently drive a r33 gtst fairly stock atm with just a greddy profec controller 10psi waist-gate 3.5" straight through and a front mount n pody most likely going down the route of a hyper-gear pu highflow bigger injectors n pump ether a adaptronic pnp or link g4 pnp and maybe a dirty 30

Hi carbonfirbe, welcome to the forum.

Have you been using an AFR gauge when doing your setting up work?

Do you know about Nistune? Just for other options of ecu

Hi chris yeh i use an afr gauge at work

I do know about nistunes the issue with them is they dont like big injectors so e85 is out of the question n they need a maf sensor they also require a different ecu for a r33 meaning that cost wise a nistune is around the same as a adaptronic but will be more limited in what it can do

Adaptronic certainly has plenty of functionality, quite easy to get lost in the software though as it is so flexible lol

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