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Hi from Finland

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Hi to all!

Have been working with Mitsubishis ecus for 5 years now (tuning for own use and helping out friends) I jumped to Link G4+. It really opened my eyes what you can do with a proper ECU. So now taking some time to learn the software and hardware.

I'm currently running a Evo 6 GSR with a stroker 2.2 liter 4G63. Turbo is a Precision PT5558 with dual cheramic bearings and so on. My plan is to run my evo for the local TimeAttack competition next year and compete in the "Modified" -class.

Welcome to the forum Cubeqtio, What were you using before the move to Link?

When I got the car (6 years and 100 000km before) I was running stock Evo 6 ecu with CeddyMod Rom. After that I moved to a never evo 8 4-plug ecu and tephra. After a while I got a custom LIVE MAP conversion done to the ECU and added a MAP and IAT. So ran a custom Tephra with live, map conv and map filter software. It was "ok" but for a almost pure competition engine it was slow to tune..

Makes perfect sense, you'll find it really easy to use compared to your previous tunes

Now I am facing a problem though. With the new FW/SW the base timing calibration doesn't work. Drops timing to 0 and does not change it. Also changes in microseconds and timing adjustment won't do nothing... Nice start. :)

Have you tried reinstalling it all?

Reuploaded the rom to the ecu solved the problem.

No that I finally got my 30-80kpa range tuned - my oil cooler decided to spill oil out. Can't trust new parts to work.. And no - It wasn't a Chinese knockoff.

That's good to hear that the ECU side of things is sorted. As for the mechanical, there's always something needing fixed, it's what keeps us busy with these cars

What part of Finland are you from? I live in Ahvenamaa but i have most of my relatives more north, so i tend to move around the Vaasa-Pietarsaari region a lot as well.

Chris, yep - In deed it does. Also found out that have to do new threads to the gear box side to get it fitted. Lucky me.

Westerlund, Satakunta region. :)

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