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Hi from Oz

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hi everyone. Newbie here, just bought the starter package and thought I'd check out the forum.

My work history is in a mechanical trade, but didn't involve efi, so abit of catch up learning required. Hopefully I'm in the right place : )

A couple of years ago I bought a neglected early 80's 911 with a broken engine as a restoration project, and part of the plan was to convert it to efi and tune it myself, so that's my main reason for taking the plunge. I'd also like to play around with my old Triton ute (4G64) just for laughs. Looking forward to the learning and sharing. Cheers

Hi Trimmy,

Welcome to HPA. You're certainly in the right place to begin your efi journey.

How far along have you got on your 911 project?

Hi Chris,

Progress has been a bit slow, but so far have had the transaxle overhauled. currently have the top end off the engine, heads have been reconditioned and dual plugged. waiting on JE pistons from the u.s. will be splitting the cases to replace bearings and whatever else needs doing. I need to go right thru the suspension, steering and brakes, so quite a bit of work ahead yet.

Sounds like there's been a fair amount of work already, would you fancy putting it together into a build thread? we have a section of the forum for exactly that

I'll see if my limited computer skills are up to it : )