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Hi from Poland!

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Aleksandra! I'm doing a Motorsport Engineering degree in UK. I have started this course to get some practical knowledge of EFI tuning and use it on my placement.

I am upgrading my theoretical knowledge from Uni with practical aspects, such as servicing Limited Slip Differentials, Sequential gearboxes and engines. Done some work on suspension upgrades and set up for rallies. Now getting into wiring and hopefully tuning my first engine in few months.

Jin dobre, witamy i życzymy powodzenia

Alex G - Welcome mate, it sounds like you're well on your way to a successful and fun career in motorsport! Sounds like you're developing skills in all areas, and multi-skilled people are always in demand, as they get how the whole system works as a package. Keep up up to date with what you're working on. I've been playing with a couple of limited slip differentials recently too (although they're pretty old tech).

Hallo en bedankt Melch van Leeuwen! Zac.Perston I am at the very early stage of learning but enjoy it a lot. I am hoping to become a race engineer in the future so I really need the understanding of the whole system. It will take lots of time but still - better late than never :).

I am mostly working with EVO IX and X drivetrain and powertrain, but currently wiring Subaru 22B.


Hi AlexG,

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