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Hi from the UK - Twin turbo V8 project

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Hi All,

So just signed up to this course from the webinar the other night.

I own a 1999 P38 Range Rover with a 4.6 litre V8 engine. I am currently building a twin turbo setup for this. Although I have access to a very good ECu tuner who specifically tunes the Rover V8 engine I always love learning and am looking into the possibility of a stand alone ECU system (I believe my Bosch EC is not flashable however am looking into this). I work for a company that specialises in the Rover V8 engine so more flexability for ourselves of course would always be nice for our own projects and if its right for certain customers too.

So my build..... I rebuilt my engine last year (long story short that was the second time in 2 years due to hydraulicing my engine in water whilst off road almost exactly one year round from the first rebuild - woops :-) so although the internals are at the moment all standard (excepting the camshaft) I at least know the starting condition of the engine. I have now built the majority of the turbo setup (Youtube Twin turbo Tuesday if your interested) using two Garret GT2560R trubos. Might be a little large on the turbo size at the moment as am only aiming to run around 6 to 7 psi boost due the stock internals however hoping they work OK and also give the ehad room for a forged engine build in the future maybe.

Picture attached of the turbo setup at present - currently being built up on a dummy car at work so my car is still on the road (nope not enough room for a turbo each side of the engine without major mods which at this stage I am trying to avoid (that can come later lol)

Follower of Project Binkey, Skid Factory, Benny's custom works and sometimes MCM depending on what they are up to.

Love engineering and motors combined along with the DIY aspect that can be applied to most things.

Thanks for reading, enjoying the course already.


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Good luck with the project.