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Confused about the numbers

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Hey, i have question about the table numbers should it be gradually or it can be big differences between them ?

What specific table are you concerned about?

Fuel table , engine efficiency

my issue is how can i figure the numbers in that table and ehat manifoild pressure should i go for, i have a v6 inline engine 4.8 liter N/A

I believe you are asking about the values (breakpoints) in the table axis. Breakpoints what we call the values on the axis.

On the Manifold Pressure axis, for a normally aspirated engine I find that values from 10 - 100 kPa, in increments of 10 kPA are adequate. On the Engine Speed axis, I usually start with values every 250 RPM up to 2000, then every 500 RPM from there to the maximum engine speed.

You can always add additional breakpoints if you find the intake or exhuast has caused a non-linear efficiency between two breakpoints.