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Cyclic idle on M1 ECU

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Hi guys

Interesting with how to set up cyclic idle on MoTeC M1 ecu with GPR package.

Cyclic idle sound so good!!!


Driving a car on the street with cyclic idle is absolutely horrible. People will think that you dont know how to drive. The reason is the throttle is constantly jacked 15% and all the way to 40% (on really aggressive GrN rallycars) so the engine will have a constant airflow of 15-40% and when you barely touch the pedal it will make it come out of idle mode and have a brutal snapping rush of power. Literally binary, like an on/off switch. While driving on stage its not a problem but on the street you will drive around the block and want to change it straight back. Rethink this idea.

I know that will driving horrible. The reason is just because sound sooo good! Lol