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m150 development licensing AEM 4 wide bands

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Has anybody got the aem 4 channel wide band to work with the m150 i would like to buy a m150 but wanted to know if it was possible to bring them up as a afr not voltage input. Does anybody know someone that knows what there doing with a m150 and can tune someone decent

I have the AEM 4 channel UEGO on our 86 development car with the Motec M150. I'm cheating a little and I'm using the CDL3 dash as a CAN gateway. I'm receiving the AEM lambda data into the CDL3 via CAN and then transmitting the data back out in a form that replicates a Motec LTC. With a development licence you could take the data directly into the M150 but I've just never bothered looking any further since I developed the solution we're using.

One point I would make is that the AEM UEGO reads quite different to a Motec LTC if you also have one of these fitted as well. If I remember correctly the AEM read rich by as much as 0.03-0.04 lambda. I can't say which is right and which is wrong but I've done almost all of my tuning based off a Motec PLM so I know if I tune for X.XX lambda on a given engine that I'm safe, so I tend to trust the Motec product on that basis.