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Motec M1 Inlet Air Temp Fuel Mixture Aim

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In the Motec M1 Tune, how does the Inlet Air Temp Fuel Mixture Aim table work with the main VE table? Is it a multiply or add to Main VE ?


All of the Fuel Mixture Aim tables work the same. The one with the lowest Aim is used. So if you want a safety that lowers the Fuel Mixture Aim to 0.85 when the Inlet Air Temp is 80 degC, but your normal Fuel Mixture Aim is .90, then the whenever the the Inlet Air Temp is 80c the appropriate mixture aim will be used.

That is why you see Aim's of Lambda 2.0 -- you want other tables to control the mixture at that operating condition. The channel "Fuel Mixture Aim State" will identify which table is being used for Fuel Mixture Aim.

BTW - a similar technique is used for the Engine Speed Limit. There are multiple Engine Speed Limits (Maximum, Coolant Temperature, Engine Load Average, Gear Shift, Launch, Traction). At any given time, whichever is the lowest is the active limiter (channel is "Engine Speed Limit State").

thanks alot David, that is clear