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Motec M130 throttle issue

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High everyone!

New tuner here and I’m messing around with a personal car with a m130.

Im running into quite a confusing issue with the Dbw.

I've calibrated the close and open a couple times so I know it does not need to be calibrated.

But either way when my foot is off the pedal I’m getting a reading of 20% throttle on “throttle position” at that same point my “throttle pedal” is at 0 percent.

Now with that said when I barely touch it “Throttle position” goes down 10%.

ive been messing with it for quite awhile and it has me stumped. I’ve watched a lot of motec dbw setup videos but none tend to show me any way to fix this issue. I have attached a picture aswell so you can see what I’m seeing.

sorry if this is a newbie question!

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It look like potentionmeter sensor issue ? what is your TB ? it has two potentiometers? looks on the voltage on each one goes fron 1.2V to 4.9 and second from 4.9 to 1.2V and it must be stopping in the same point from which point started.

Thats the way it's suppose to work. 20% is normal for engine not running or during starting conditions. Makes it easier for the engine to turn over. If it stays at 20% while running, then that's a problem.

Take a screen shot of your DBW settings. Give us more info on the throttle pedal and throttle servo you are using.

Here is my dbw settings as far as the units them self the throttle body is off a some Polaris Rzr aswell as the pedal assembly.

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Also I noticed when I crank the engine the tps drops to about 5-8%

If what I posted isn’t the correct information you where looking for let me know and I will post more info.

You need to understand that the Throttle Position is generally controlled by Throttle Aim, you can look at the channel Throttle Aim State to understand which current subsystem is defining the Throttle Aim (Pedal, Idle, Anti-Lag, Throttle Limit, Gear Shift, Start or Test).

When the throttle servo is in power-save, often the throttle position returns to a "default" or "limp" position what will allow the car to drive somewhat (enough to pull over, or make it back to the paddock). That's likely your 20% position. When you crank the engine, it goes to the Engine Crank Idle Mass Flow defines the position, and when you press the pedal, while the engine is stopped, then the pedal takes over after exiting the idle condition.

Read all the help in M1 Tune -- there is a lot of information in there, but you have to keep chasing the links.