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Aem wideband reading different than hondata

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Hello I have the newer style Aem wideband setup in my boosted civic and just upgraded to hondata but the hondata is reading different a/f ratio than my wideband. Ive already set my votages in the hondata and calibrated the wideband but it still reads differently in hondata, ive also ran the wire from my wideband straight to the ecu and cant figure out how to make it the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Hello please check the power supply for the AEM is the same as the ecu source and the earth also

Regards Ross

They both have same power supply from battery and same ground but in different places. Should i ground them in the same place? Both test good for ground and volts...ive googled it a little bit but everything i read isnt working either. I know my wideband is good, we hooked up a different wideband and it tested differently also, so maybe ill recheck the power and ground again. Thanks for the reply.

The power supply isn't as critical as the sensor ground. There should be some pretty clear instructions on how to ground this but it needs to be grounded to an ECU sensor ground otherwise you'll be affected by ground offsets. That being said, all widebands do tend to read slightly different. I've found the AEM in our 350Z reads about 0.02-0.03 lambda richer than our MoTeC PLM in our dyno. What sort of discrepancy are you seeing? If the Hondata is running in closed loop and targeting lambda 1.00, this should be a pretty good place to judge if the AEM is reading correctly.