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Hi Guys,

Having trouble diagnosing an oil burning problem with my turbocharged Honda B18c.

The bottom end was built around 5000 miles ago, run in using running in oil. Changed to fully synthetic after 500 miles.

Anyway, it has been perfect up until a few hundred miles ago, smokes a lot after idling, and also if you get back on the throttle after a long deceleration vac pull, but will clear seconds after.

I took the exhaust manifold off, and could see a few of the valve stems damp with oil, so i just recently changed all valves, guides and stem seals thinking that was the problem, but it is no better.

Turbo or rings? Whats the best way to check either?

Any ideas?


If it was your rings I would expect it to smoke under power, or more frequently than it does.

What kind of turbo are you running? The symptoms you're describing there are what I've seen before with a ball bearing turbo being over-supplied with oil.

What's you're setup?

My turbo is a Garrett T3 57trim journal bearing. Im also running a 1.6mm oil restrictor alot of people recommended.