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Controlling Mercedes E55 AMG seat controls via Arduino

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My question relates to a new project I am starting.

I have purchased two AMG E55 seats (driver and passenger). The plan is to install them in a project chassis that I have built.

They have all the bells and whistles one would expect from Mercedes, pneumatically controlled trunk and lumbar support, bucket tension etc etc - this seems all mechanically controlled so pretty straight forward there.

The plan I am trying to devise relates to the electrically controlled morphology systems. From the writing diagrams I have found, there seems to be 4 motors in the seat that I would like to control.

A factory arrangement for this seat sees a control module in the base frame and a CAN signal delivers the memory function from the buttons located on the driver's door.

I have no need for a memory function so I thought it would be best to start at the motors and work my way backward.

With the help of some BTS7960's I figure I can use a 5 pin universal power window switch (Forward | Off | Backward) to simply move the associated motor whenever it is needed.

Has anyone had any experience with this style project and can shed slime light for me?

Thanks in advance,