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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Anyone used these? Apparently made out of poland. a friend of mine wants to start using these in the bmw's hes building. Ive done a bit of research they look real good and relatively priced.

Anyone had any experience with them keen to share their experience or thoughts on these?



I've mapped one, it was previously tuned elsewhere previously so I never got to fully explore the software but it done the trick and as you say, it's cheap.

They are from Poland, it might not be silicon valley but they are better than a few of the south African ECU's I've been brought before, just stay away from their piggy back

I have an EMU Ecumaster of the first generation. Now there´s also a EMU Black which can handle even more. I´m new to tuning and haven´t started my engine yet, but I did a lot of research before buying one and it had the best price-performance in my opinion.

I´ll write a little review when I know more and the engine is tuned :)

Interested in more information on these. A friend is thinking of getting one for his gen 3 3sgte MR2. Are base maps available? He will be getting it used and if the ECU comes without the software Installation disk will they give out their software, or does it cost?


I am running an ECU master on one of my Skylines (R32 GTST running an RB25NeoDET)

I ran the Link G4 Xtreme and now G4+ Xtreme on my R33 GTR and decided to try something cheaper on my track/fun car after looking into it.

They are actually a very good ECU for the price, I fitted mine when the EMU was pretty much new and I have seen it develop over time, they were very quick to respond to requests for different features and to be honest I cannot think of anything that I have needed that the EMU hasn't been able to do, if I had to pick fault then in the early days there were only (IIRC) 4 analog inputs, they then started selling seperately a CAN addon unit that gives more inputs, and I beleive the new Black version has a lot more inputs.

There were quite a few glitches in the early days (12 months ago) one of them was whilst driving suddenly my AFR went to 10.0 flat across the whole map, I limped home and found my table had become corrupted and all values in the VE table were pegged at 250. they explained this was a glitch in the software and offered an update to fix it, it hasn't happened since.

I had a few other issues that I managed to work around, for example did a few laps around Cadwell park, stopped to make a few tweaks and when I saved the file to the ecu, the car refused to start....I managed to fix it as after a few hours of testing I found once again the software had corrupted and although it primed the fuel pump, it was not activating it when I was cranking the engine, this was solved by loading a previous map into the ecu and tweaking that.

So, it has been a bit glitchy regarding the firmware/software but I have had no issues for the past 6 months and new software updates were being released every few days/weeks so they were clearly dealing with any issues that popped up quickly.

As stated above there is now an EMU black so I am not sure how much longer updates will continue for the standard EMU but as it stands it works fine for me.

I do still much prefer the Link, apart from the Link software being much nicer to use and look at I would find it hard to say why I prefer the Link, I just do.

The only thing I prefer the EMU over the Link for, is the EMU allows a bluetooth dongle to be fitted and then will output all data onto their app in Android so a tablet or phone on the dash can be used as a full monitoring suite. Whilst this can be worked around for the Link G4+ using can or OBD, it is much easier on the EMU.

Their software is available for free so you can download it and play around with it to get a feel for it, be aware though that some of the ECU's are locked to their country of origin, some people have purchased a much cheaper EMU from Poland only to find it useless as it will only work with Windows using the Polish langauge, this I found whilst looking to purchase one and seen them much cheaper on ebay in Eastern Europe.

Hope this helps,


Okay, so I am sitting here trying to think what it is about the Link that I much prefer to the EMU and I have thought of a few things that may also be an issue for anyone else considering the EMU (Not the black as that may have these things enabled)

1) On my GTR I have fitted an Accusump due to some oil surge issues on track, I have given the Link full control of the Accusump by means of a table, Oil pressure Vs RPM. If the Oil pressure drops the accusump and an oil warning light is activated, if after a few fractions of a second the Accusump hasn't been able to bring the oil pressure up to the acceptable level my engine protection GP RPM limit activates and cuts power.

This I can not do with the EMU, it has 1 customisable PWM table that has RPM as the Y axis but for X axis you choose from a drop down list of MAP, TPS or CLT, There is an oil pressure VS RPM cut table so while it will in some way safeguard from oil surge, I cannot give my Accusump that split second to try to deal with it before I suddenly get power cut mid corner on the track.

2) Temperature dependant rev limt, at the high and low end you only have 1 setting. I.E Above this temp cut revs to X amount, below this temp cut revs to X amount.

I much prefer the Link table way of setting this up so it varies with temperature.

3) MAP limit, once again this is a set max MAP that cuts ignition, not temperature dependant as it is on the Link.

These are just a few minor things that I can think of but hopefully this sort of information is useful to someone as it could be an important factor as it would be for me regarding the oil control on my GTR.