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Not so United Completely Misinformed

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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as I completely review basic wiring I am beginning to believe that in my country we are NOT well educated in electrical systems for automotive this is just my opinion

Hey Larry, the good news is that this problem is not confined to the USA. It's a problem all around the world.

Hello Andre Poor Larry That is not good news, ha ha I must say I am an older mechanic and I find the information you are sharing is some of the most accurate out there. My self and some others I know have given up trying to talk people out of wasting money on shit that someone has sad will do this or that. I for one will tell them to refer to your site for some factual information. This will help my sanity after 45+years till now i have been involved across many aspects of my trade, Motor racing Drag(world record holding), Motorcycle racing, road transport & heavy industry, The theory has not changed the refinement of the information and implementation is improvement is the future, thank you for putting this information out there.

PS now a Mechanical trade trainer 58years old and enjoy the webinars and reading 9Always learning ) trying to work out what Tuna has to do with things But



Thanks for the kind words Tom!