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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Hi, are Octane boosting additives a real thing or some sort of con to part me with my money?

I wouldn't want to need to use one every day, but I am going to some trackdays now and then, and would like to push the timing a little, so if they are a reliable product that can be trusted do you know of a good brand available here in New Zealand?


Some seem to give that little edge and there are several test comparisons on YT where the difference varies for a few points to several octane numbers. I did try some, many years ago, on an engine that was a bit more on the ragged edge than was smart and it did seem to be a little less rough.

As for what is available in good old NZ, after checking for the best stuff, a wander through Repco, etc, might turn something up - otherwise most bigger towns have some sort of 'speed shop' that should have something. Where are you as there may be a dealer near you if you google it?

Yeah, thanks, I am a little un-trusting of stuff that works on YouTube :)

EDIT: To qualify that, most youtube videos show some guy driving a car after adding some octane additive talking about how much more power the car now has, and I am pretty sure than increasing octane without tuning for it wont make any more power (unless the car was running low octane fuel like 91 when designed for 95). So thats why I prefer to get a more educated opinion from people here as to weather or not they are genuinely useful or not.

I would agree, but I had in mind some properly done comparisons that, come to think on it, may have been magazine articles read on-line, rather than video.

Yes, that would be nice, but I am struggling to find any that don't look like an advert disguised as informative unbiased reviews.

Thank you Gord :)

No worries - all of 30 seconds work :-)