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problems with coonection AEM Infinity 508 to PC

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Hi, everybody!!

I am in a FSAE team and in 3 weeks we are going to participate in Formula SAE competition. We have a yamaha r6s 2007 and the ECU AEM infinity 508, we have finished the harness( we had to make our own harness) the problen is when we connect the ECU, the laptop does not connect with the ECU and we think that the harnnes is not the problem because we tested lots of time and we never find a short circuit or something like that.

We are connecting the ecu to a O.S. w10

And we follow every step that the guide mentions.

Do you know what could be the problem?

We use this sensors:





Knock sensor

Speed sensor

Cranckshaft sensor



The Infinity is pretty tricky with the power sequencing required to get it to start up. Glad your wiring isn't suspect. That would be my first thought.

Your best bet for Infinity support is probably the AEM forum: