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Hey, I was just thinking of this, in a car with {rear} open differential and i want to slow down without use of brake ,most preferably Through switching to 1st gear and utilizing engine braking or if its electric via regen braking.

Now the question is, Would only one side/wheel of the diff slow down and destabilize the car or both wheels slow in uniform as if its a locked diff ?

If you've read this,THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME,and if you have an answer ,anything would be appreciated

With the exception of a few very rare and specialist applications, ALL 'open' differentials have equal torque applied to both wheels - the speeds, and hence power, may differ but the torque is the same.

If you are using the engine/transmission to slow the vehicle, it is possible for one to lose traction if it has less grip, and so reduce the braking affect, but that drop in reverse torque will also result in a drop at the wheel retaining the grip.

May it cause loss of vehicle's control?

Maybe - it's the same affect as having too much rear brake.

Using the gears to slow the vehicle is normal practice, but if you change to first at too high a speed the rear tyres will skid, not unlike applying the handbrake. Done sensibly there shouldn't be any problem.

OKay Gord thank you for your time, all you've said is well understood