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Riaan van Rensburg

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Want to know what spark plugs to use on my 350 Chevy race car? Autolite are 3910 racing in now and running 102 octane fuel with 12.6 compression.

Hi Riaan, spark plug selection isn't strictly something we'd focus on here at RaceCraft and is probably more suited to our sister company High Performance Academy. Since you've asked here though I'll offer some guidance. Deciding on the correct plug depends on the engine spec, the fuel, and also on the use. A plug that's too hot can end up essentially acting as a glow plug while one that's too cold won't burn off impurities and can end up fouled. For an N/A engine that's going to be used for racing I'd be inclined to opt for a spark plug with a heat range around 8 (I use NGK personally but you can cross this over to other manufacturers). A quick google suggests that an R5672A-8 should fit the bill.

Thanks Andre, I will go look at that mate.

Regards Riaan

Thanks Andre, I will go look at that mate.

Regards Riaan

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